Zack Scala Bathroom Shelf


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19.8" x 2.5"


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Add the modern elegance of chrome to your bathroom with the Scala series of bathroom accessories by Zack. The sleek and stylish Scala collection includes a range of products to complete any bathroom look, including free-standing and wall-mounted towel bars, towel shelves, discrete holders for your bathroom tissue and toilet brush, and liquid soap dispensers to help you hide those unsightly plastic bottles.

Finish: Chrome

Weight: 3.0Lb

Height: 2.5"

Width: 19.8"

Depth: 4.8"

Product Reviews (1)

Louise Laperriere

Bonjour si vous m'écriviez en français...Oui j'aime bien ma tablette, mais j'aurais apprécié qu'elle soit un peu plus longue puisque Les deux rondelles sur la tablette réduise la place pour mettre les choses.Merci



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