Zack Linea Bathroom Squeegee


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3.2" x 9.8"

Brushed Nickel

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The Puro bathroom squeegee doesn’t look like your average squeegee, but it’s not for your average bathroom. The adhesive screw-on mounting and sleek stainless steel make it worthy of staying at arm’s reach rather than hiding away under the sink. Its replaceable rubber lip makes the Puro squeegee a bathroom staple built to last. Keep your shiny surfaces free from water spots with this stylish and functional piece from the Zack line of high quality bathroom accessories.

Finish: Brushed Nickel

Weight: 1.0Lb

Height: 9.8"

Width: 3.2"

Depth: 2.0"

Product Reviews (1)

Steve Ash-Hamon

Wonderful quality, arrived with no problems, have been using it after each and every shower,Perfect size fir an in shower stall niche.



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