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We want to make it easy for you to showcase the best and most relevant product lines to your customers. We now have elegant wall-mounted display boards to show off the Tuzio and Kontour towel warmer lines, as well as our vast range of beautiful Zack chrome and brushed nickel bathroom accessories.

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Where Luxury Meets Practicality

Our towel warmers are not only luxurious, but we pride ourselves on making them as practical and functional for you as we can. One of these features? Tuzio’s adjustable brackets. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Is the best spot visually and functionally for your soon-to-be new towel warmer over a transition between tile and drywall? Often times, when this is the case, towel warmers end up crooked… but not our Tuzio line. You can adjust the bracket length with ease to accommodate for the level change.
  • A big fan of the bath sheet, instead of the regular-sized bath towel? Tuzio’s adjustable brackets also allow you to extend your towel warmer out from the wall to allow more space for that fluffier absorbent piece of cloth. What this also means is that you can make sure your towel gets full contact on both sides of the towel warmer – more warmth, more comfort, more satisfaction.

With so many great features, including adjustable brackets, the Tuzio line is worth looking into. Need something more affordable? Browse our Kontour line instead.

Introducing the NEW Calma Collection

Sophisticated, Whimsical, Elegant, Classic, Dramatic… The Calma family of sinks evokes all these responses – and more.

Modern cast-marble technology allows us to create opulent shapes, structures and surfaces that until now were impossible. Consisting of approximately 75% crushed dolomite, this natural, environmentally friendly mineral rock is infused with bonding resin content, creating a strong, yet impeccably strong and smooth material.



Breathtaking styles to impress at first glance, with craftsmanship that extends to even the smallest details: every form, edge and radius is crafted with absolute precision and accuracy.


A surface so smooth it begs to be caressed. The natural rock retains its sleekness while accumulating heat, offering a luxuriously warm feeling on contact. The smoothness and noise-absorbing properties of each basin replicate the gentle, soothing sound of falling water.


Capable of withstanding years of regular use without losing its magnificence.


Sourced from select mines in the European Union, the processing of dolomite rock – the key ingredient of cast marble – does not require large amounts of energy, thus lessening environmental impact.


A superior UV resistant Gelcoat containing molecules that capture solar energy will defy signs of wear and ageing by preventing the breakdown of pigment over time.


A wise choice for the family, the non-porous, non-irritant, non-allergic material resists dirt and soap on the surface, preventing the growth of bacteria.


The perpetually smooth, dirt-resistant surface needs less frequent cleaning. Surfaces may be cleaned with standard non-abrasive cleaning agents.


See all 16 Calma Vessel Sinks here.

Vessels, Sinks & Basins… What’s in a name?

With our new product line soon to be available, we thought we’d shine some light on this bathroom feature’s history, and more importantly, their beauty and practicality.

The recent popularity of vessel sinks appeals to the traditionalist as well as to the innovator. It reminds us of the old basins and pitchers and yet allows us to take advantage of modern materials and create elegant, inspirational and durable designs. Whimsical or practical, elegant or massive – the choice is yours. Rather than a boring sink that matches your toilet and tub, you can now make the sink the focal point of your personal creation. Vessel sinks are beautiful, practical and let you express your personal style!


A language lesson about vessels, sinks, and basins (Just because…)

Basins… have been around since the beginning of civilization – an indentation in rock served as a washbasin for our forefathers. Our English word basin comes from the old French word baçon, meaning shallow vessel or dish. It’s possible as a child, you remember seeing the washbasin and pitcher still in use at the homes of older relatives. Of course, those basins were just basins and didn’t have a drain or plug or other conveniences. What we call sinks are in fact ‘basins’ from which the water ‘sinks’.

The term sink is a little less savoury and likely comes from the old English term sincan – to become submerged, go under, or subside. Originally it referred to the place to where the contents of your basin (and other plumbing devices) would sink (eech!)

Which brings us to vessel. This term comes from the old Latin vascellum meaning vase or urn or ship.

All in all, just as words adapt through time, so do style and design trends. Which is why classic, elegant, conversation-starting vessel sinks are today’s best choice.


But why all this talk about sinks?

ICO is thrilled to be launching a brand new line of vessel sinks called Calma. The name Calma recognizes that, for most of us, our bathrooms are (or should be) a relaxing retreat from the daily hustle, a place of relaxation. A place of calm.

Bathroom Jeopardy: What is… a towel warmer?

How much do you really know about towel warmers and other luxury ICO fixtures? We’ve pulled some trivia straight from our FAQ page so you can see just how much you really know…

Answer: Anywhere!
What is: the location where I can put my convenient towel warmer controller – so long as it can be wired into the towel warmer power supply! (Which you already knew from last month, of course).

Answer: 48 inches.
What is:
the recommended distance I can place my towel warmer from my shower or tub. (You should check with your local building code or electrician first).

Answer: $1.39 per month.
What is:
the cost to operate an ICO towel warmer. This is based on running the towel warmer 6 hours per day. For more details about your specific towel warmer and energy consumption habits, use our energy calculator tool!

How did you do? As you can see, towel warmers have plenty of features that offer both convenience and luxury. Adding that next level of comfort and functionality to your bathroom has never been easier than installing an ICO towel warmer. Find the perfect one for you >