Calma Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Opulent structures, colours and surfaces visualized by the finest designers flawlessly brought to life through modern cast marble technology. Consisting of approximately 75% crushed dolomite, this natural, environmentally friendly mineral rock is infused with bonding resin content, creating a strong, yet impeccably smooth material.

Durable & Reliable Bathroom Sinks by Calma

Meticulous care and attention to detail can be witnessed through the incredible precision of every perimeter and every curve. Each product is finished with a UV resistant Gelcoat, guaranteeing that even after years of regular use, the glistening sheen and pure, vibrant colour of your product remains as new. At the heart of each sophisticated design, is the beautiful simplicity of a calma vessel sinks that serves to function as beautifully as it looks!

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Calma Vessel Sinks and Cast Marble

Fusing Sophisticated Style with Functional Simplicity


Breathtaking styles to impress at first glance, with craftsmanship that extends to even the smallest details: every form, edge and radius is crafted with absolute precision and accuracy.


A surface so smooth it begs to be caressed. The natural rock retains its sleekness while accumulating heat, offering a luxuriously warm feeling on contact. The smoothness and noise-absorbing properties of each basin replicate the gentle, soothing sound of falling water.


Capable of withstanding years of regular use without losing its magnificence. The robust mineral rock structure is stable, resistant to damage, and will not bend under weight. Though cast marble is hardwearing, minor cuts or scratches over time can be easily repaired.

Environmentally Friendly

Sourced from select mines in the European Union, the processing of dolomite rock – the key ingredient of cast marble – does not require large amounts of energy, thus lessening environmental impact. The simultaneously hard but brittle rock becomes robust with the bonding resin content, ensuring your product lasts many years.

UV Resistant

A superior UV resistant Gelcoat containing molecules that capture solar energy will defy signs of wear and ageing by preventing the breakdown of pigment over time. The vibrant colour and gleaming lustre keep your wash-basin looking newer, longer.


A wise choice for the family, the non-porous, non-irritant, non-allergic material resists dirt and soap on the surface, preventing the growth of bacteria.


The perpetually smooth, dirt-resistant surface needs less frequent cleaning. But when it does, simple inexpensive household ingredients such as vinegar, or water with lemon can be used. Surfaces may be cleaned with standard non-abrasive cleaning agents.



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