Towel Warmer Controller Programming

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1. Power on

  1. Pry the switch door open from the bottom using a small screwdriver.
  2. Ensure the ON/OFF selector is set to ON.
  3. Reset the switch using a paperclip. 0:00 and MO will flash.
Towel warmer Controller diagram

2. Setting the Clock

  1. Set the time using the HOUR and MIN buttons.
  2. Set the day by using the DAY button.
  3. Press one of the control buttons or close the switch door to return to normal operation.

3.Selecting the Operating Mode

The programmable switch has 2 operating modes: manual (MAN) and automatic (AUTO). To switch mode, press the timer door for 3 seconds.

Manual Mode

Manual mode diagramThe programmable timer operates as a regular switch. Briefly press the switch door to turn the towel warmer On or Off. The mode (MAN) and state (ON or OFF) are displayed.

Automatic Mode

Automatic mode diagramThe programmable timer follows the programmed schedule. The mode (AUTO), state (ON or OFF) and current program number are displayed. To temporarily override the programmed schedule, briefly press the switch door. The new state (ON or OFF) will flash to show that this state is temporary. The override remains in effect until you press the timer door again or until the beginning of the next program.

4. Programming

You can set up to 7 programs. To set a program, you need to enter its start time (ON) and its end time (OFF).

  1. Pry the timer door open using a small screwdriver.
  2. Program displayPress the PGM button to display a program and its On or Off time. For example, when you first press PGM, program number 1 (P1) and its On time (ON) will appear. -:-- will appear instead of the time if the program is not set (inactive).
  3. Select the day diagramPress the DAY button to select the day to which you want to apply the program. NOTE: If you want to apply the program to every day of the week, press DAY until all the days are displayed. (This still counts as 1 program, not 7)
  4. Press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the ON time (time when you want the towel warmer to turn on)
  5. After you have programmed the ON time, press the PGM button to display the OFF time (time when you want the towel warmer to turn off).
  6. Programm off time diagramRepeat steps 3 through 5 to program the OFF time. If the program ON time is set for every day of the week, the program OFF time will automatically be set for every day.
  7. To set another program, repeat steps 2 through 6. Programs that are not set will remain inactive.
  8. Press one of the control buttons or close the timer door to return to normal operation.

Clearing a Program

Press the PGM button until the desired program is selected. Hold the PGM button for 3 seconds. -:-- appears when the program is erased.



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