Zack Scala Liquid Dispenser


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2.0" x 6.5"


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Messy, plastic bottles getting you down? While bath product brands might try their hardest to create pretty packaging, they’re not exactly doing anything to boost your bathroom décor. Transfer your favorite products to a Tico liquid soap dispenser (or any product – not just soap!). Tico is available in two convenient sizes: 170mL and 130mL, so fill them up and toss those plastic bottles in the recycling bin. Tico is also a great solution if you purchase your bathroom products in bulk sizes.

Finish: Chrome

Weight: 1.0Lb

Height: 6.5"

Width: 2.0"

Depth: 2.0"



Our experience in bathroom accessories allows us to select and design products with the right blend of quality, reliability, and style that we know will provide great value for years to come.



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