Zack Linea Towel Hook


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6.0" x 3.0"

Brushed Nickel

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Great design means thinking of new ways to approach conventional ideas. The Genio towel clip rack is the epitome of that very concept. In place of the traditional bathroom towel bars or hooks you see in many a classic ensemble, Genio steps in with a unique take on towel storage. With Genio, towels clip conveniently inside its teardrop openings for secure hanging, and it can accommodate up to three towels at a time. With its self-adhesive mounting and stainless steel finish, the Genio towel clip rack is an excellent choice for those who appreciate forward-thinking design.

Finish: Brushed Nickel

Weight: 1.0Lb

Height: 3.0"

Width: 6.0"

Depth: 1.0"



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