Calma Firenzi Vessel Sink


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24.2" x 16.8"


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Firenzi’s large size and practical shape lends itself to almost any situation. It gracefully floats above the vanity bringing lightness and sensuality. The distinctive longer and shorter edges pay homage to Firenzi’s style of vocal compositions, where an upper voice sings a quickly moving canon, while the lower one harmonizes with longer, looser notes. Cast marble technology produces an immaculate non-porous surface, central to the hygienic and non-irritant properties of the bowl. Firenzi is built to last using sturdy, natural and environmentally friendly mineral rock, and defies signs of wear and ageing thanks to the UV resistant Gelcoat.

Finish: White

Weight: 21.0Lb

Height: 4.8"

Width: 24.2"

Depth: 16.8"

Height Above Counter: 4.8"



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